Thursday, March 15, 2012



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post of the year.

wtf me made it

We've been trying to log in for almost two years. Today after almost an hours epic fighting we finally made it. it is insanely hard to log on when you don't remember your password. You have to receive like three emails, and of course you have to find out which of you and your friends' 10 email addresses was used when registering. You need to follow tens of links here and there and answed difficult questions.yes.

but now we are here for this year and keep shooting deer and drinking beer you hear?

smear dear fear tear near seer KING LEAR . bye

jonas is gay

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Norwegian guy post!

I really like playing my Nintendo DS while I am high. I play this awesome game called Mario Party which is brutal as all holy hell. It's a boardgame with minigames which are all completely crap, but doing it while I am lying in my end smoking a joint somehow makes it awesome! I forgot what the password to this blog was, so I asked Dennis on MSN and he told me that he had to go make hotdogs. Anyway I wanted to share the fact that Mario Party is awesome when you are smoking a joint, if you make a really large one you can keep one going for a full game (30 minutes)! Also Dennis really likes hot meat, we all knew that from before! ^_^ kekeke

So anyway after a 20 minute conversation on MSN with another finnish pothead we end up with them telling me the password so I could post. Yay! Go Amsterdam!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

List of the best multiplayer flash games

Hello. We've compiled a list of our favourite multiplayer flash games to play when you're stoned.

1. Bubbles 2
An awesome 2-player game where you are in control of a bubble while trying to run your high friend into a mine, while trying to eat as many bubbles as possible to get bigger, and trying to get special bubbles that make the the the bubble world more or less challenging or weird. It's hilarious.






That's it. We haven't found any other. No other multiplayer flash games on the entire internet are any fun as high. PLEASE help us to find more with comments or anything!

Ps. we have no idea why a part of this text got underlined, couldn't turn it off either, but it's ok. We thought it was funny.